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Special weather conditions in Van Nuys and how they may affect your garage door

There are some times of the year when Van Nuys residence prefer parking thier cars inside their garages. Parking your car inside is much more comfortable in some special weather condition such as snow, rain or just cold temperature, for instance- when the temperature gets colder.

Of course, the garage door is often the biggest mechanical object found in most residence of this community. When a garage door lacks maintenance by the owner, or lost some touch of professionalism, it could fail at any unfavorable weather condition.

Wet weather affects the Garage doors in Van Nuys during the fall and winter months. Also, if the garage door is made out of wood, then the increase and intensity of rain and humidity can make the door swell up. Exposure of the garage door and its frame to these elements will make them both absorb moisture. When the framing and the door swell up the clearance left between the two decreases, this will lead to the rubbing or jamb up of the door upon usage.

It is essential to maintain your rain gutter by keeping it clean at all times, to avoid any form of run over of water capable of splashing in the door upon it, hitting the areas in the garage door front. Another reason why it is necessary to keep water away from Garage doors in Van Nuys is in a situation of freezing weather. Any water built up at the drop of temperature makes the bottom of the door freeze shut.

The only solution that will make your garage door work again is to melt the ice. Some professionals in the aspect of the overhead door will argue the various effect of cold weather. Here at our company, we also notice that service calls increase for broken spring when temperature reduces.
Garage doors openers are not left out as well, as they also react to change in weather. Some sides of the moving parts are lubricated using various products. These lubricants are liable to change with the weather.

The type of adjustment that stops the opener, reversing it when it hits a surface, is referred to as the sensitivity. There are various kinds of Garage doors in Van Nuys of which the opener belt, chain, and screw drive are just a few out of the well-known types. Every different type has its distinct maintenance schedule. Ensure to check your owner’s manual before commencing in any maintenance practices to ensure your product is the right one.

Typical Garage doors in Van Nuys need maintenance of about twice in a year. Check your owner’s manual for the door and opener before lubricating or making any change.

Consider seeking a professional to visit for a service call once in a year, especially when the technician will be able to perform any complicated or dangerous adjustment such as the torsion spring etc. The technician should be able to enlighten you on the basic maintenance that will enable you to do it yourself till the next service call.

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