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Garage Doors Maintenance Tips

We gathered 3 important tips on garage door maintenance, that will guarantee your garage door lasts for a long time. Read all our tips here.
09/10/2017 12:47:00

Garage Door Problems - Repair or Replace

Different Problems of Garage Doors requires different solutions. How to decide if your garage door needs repair or replacement?
25/09/2017 12:00:00

The Curb Appeal of Your Home

Something as simple as a new garage door can work wonders for the curb appeal of your home and increase its value in just a few hours. Learn how to improve your curb appeal.
31/08/2017 08:03:00

How to Pick the Right Garage Door

Not all garage doors are suitable for every house or location. 4 things to consider when choosing your residential garage door.
16/08/2017 15:20:00

Faux Wood vs. Wooden Garage Doors

Faux wood Vs Wooden garage door - what to choose and why.
16/08/2017 15:16:00

Garage Door Insulation

Insulated garage doors in Los Angles are gaining more and more popularity each and every day. Learn why
26/07/2017 18:59:00

Custom Garage Doors

Garage Door 4Less experts explain - How you should choose your custom garage door.
26/07/2017 18:52:00

Do's and Don'ts When Looking for A Garage Door Repair Service in LA

25/06/2017 12:08:00

What is the Most Recommended Season to Replace Your Garage Door?

Determine the recommended time to replace your garage door depending on weather and garage door material. Garage Doors 4 Less- Quality garage doors & service.
15/06/2017 13:26:00

What are the Most Common Uses for Garages in Los Angeles Other than Parking?

Having a garage in your house is very convenient. What are the most popular uses for garages around L.A? Let's see.
15/06/2017 13:02:00

What are Carriage Garage Doors for and Why are they So Popular in LA?

Carriage Garage Doors are both beautifully designed pieces and offer highly strong and durable protection, which is perfect for Los Angeles weather. Read more!
09/05/2017 09:29:00

Having a Problem with your Garage Door? We Serve San Fernando Valley with Love!

When in need of any garage door repair service in San Fernando Valley – you can find it with us. Garage Door 4 Less is your professional and certified service provider!
09/05/2017 09:24:00
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