Garage Door 4 Less - 4 Easy and Quick Tips to Winterize Your Garage

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prepare your garage door for winter

4 Easy and Quick Tips to Winterize Your Garage

As the weather is becoming colder, are you ready to face the winter season? Make sure your home is winterized properly. Facing the winters is all about the right preparation. If you’ve made sure the heating system is working perfectly and the airflow is just right, you’re on the right track. However, don’t forget the garage doors. Winter might bring a lot of freezing surprises so make sure you follow these 4 tips to stay winter-proof.

Check garage door cables

Check the cables that are attached to the spring system and the bottom brackets. Worn out cables can break easily and cause injury. As the weather gets cold, their risk of breaking increases. To be safe, don’t try to replace them yourself. Call us and we will send our experts to fix your garage.


Perform counterbalance test

The counterbalancing system of your garage door should work well. To make sure it’s working just right, follow these steps:
1.       Pull the emergency cord (red in color) on the garage door opener.
2.       This will disable the opener.
3.       Try to open the door.
If it’s not opening easily, you need to call experts to fix the issue. We can help you resolve the problems with the counterbalancing system.

Lubricate the hardware

The garage door has hardware parts that are robust and will last for many years. They can take all the wear and tear. Some common hardware parts you’ll find are tracks, springs, and rollers. Make sure you lubricate them regularly to maintain their longevity. First, clean the parts using a dry rag. Now apply an oil-based lubricant. The lubricant shouldn’t have silicone or petroleum. There are several lubricants specially made for garage doors. Buy any one of them.

Check weather stripping

Your garage door has a weather stripping that acts as a barrier to all the wind and rain that might affect your garage. Make sure the weather stripping around the frame of the garage door is in perfect condition. If it is cracked, hardened, or broken, it needs to be fixed or replaced. Call us if you find any problems with the weather stripping and we can help you out.
When you follow these tips, your garage will be ready to face the winters. If you need any help with fixing or maintaining your garage doors, just give us a call and we’ll be there in no time.
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