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In addition to offering convenient access in and out of your garage, an automatic garage door also offers an added security element. But both convenience and security are forfeited if you pick the wrong kind of garage door opener or if your opener is damaged. Here at Garage Doors 4 Less, we provide sale, service, and repair for a variety of garage door openers.
Types of Garage Door Openers

Depending on the size of your garage, the frequency you use it, and the level of security you’re looking for, choosing the right garage door opener is the first step to an easy-going future.  Read More.

Amongst the automatic garage door openers we can provide are:

Belt Drive openers: The quiet option, belt drive openers are perfect for garages attached to properties or with rooms above.

Screw Drive openers: Durable and resistant to most climates, screw drive openers are a universally good choice.

Heavy Duty Chain openers: Ideal for heavier garage door, chain openers are strong, sturdy and hard-wearing.

Wall Mount openers: Ideal for garages with minimal ceiling space, wall mount receivers are fixed to the wall.

We supply a number of specialist brands including, including the highly regarding Liftmaster brand.

Repair & Maintenance 

In addition to selling new garage door openers, Garage Doors 4 Less can help aid you when it comes to repair and maintenance. Taking good care of your opener will ensure that it lasts longer. Whether your opener is showing early signs of malfunctioning or it’s completely out of order, we’ll take a look at it and see if we can repair it. In many cases it’s possible to repair a faulty garage door opener. In the event that a replacement is necessary though, we can help you there too.

Serving Los Angeles & Beyond 

Garage Doors 4 Less offers a comprehensive garage door service to residential and commercial customers throughout Los Angeles and much of Southern California. In addition to residential garage door openers, we’re also able to help you find openers suited to commercial and industrial doors.

Whatever type of garage door opener you’re looking for, get in touch with Garage Doors 4 Less and we’ll help you find the ideal make and model.
From fire stations to auto repair shops, if your commercial property features automated garage doors, you’ll want to ensure that a) you have top quality doors fitted, and b) the garage door opener you utilize is in full working order.    
Garage Door Openers For Any Commercial Property
At Garage Doors 4 Less, we stock a wide range of garage door openers that are suitable for almost any business you can think of. We also supply fitting and maintenance. Whether you’re responsible for an auto dealership, an industrial warehouse, a shipping center, or any other commercial property that requires automated garage doors, we can provide and install an automatic door setup that suits your exact requirements. Read More.
We have door operators suited to heavy duty doors, doors that are in near-constant use, doors that require automatic shutoff and emergency retraction, and much more. Garage Doors 4 Less stocks and sells the entire range of commercial garage door operators from top brands, Liftmaster included. This includes Trolley Operators, Hoist Rolling Door Operator Systems, Jackshaft Garage Door Openers and Operators, and more.
Los Angeles’ Premier Garage Opener Specialist
In addition to supplying garage door openers, we also provide a comprehensive repair service. If you discover your opener is no longer doing what it’s supposed to, call us and we’ll make the necessary repairs. We operate across Los Angeles and throughout much of Southern California, offering a first class service with skilled technicians at the ready. All work completed is fully guaranteed and adheres to the latest rules and regulations relating to automated garage doors in work and public spaces.
Whatever type of business you’re in and whatever type of property you manage, be sure to come to Garage Doors 4 Less when you need commercial garage door openers you can rely on.

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