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Custom Wood Garage Door

If you are looking for a unique design in custom wooden garage doors you need look no further than
Garage Doors 4 Less. We offer high quality custom wooden garage doors at the highest quality in the 
industry and in the most competitive prices. That’s just one of the many things that sets Garage 
Doors 4 Less wood garage doors apart.

Garage Doors 4 Less wood garage doors feature wide choice of material including: cedar, alder,
mahogany, pine, fir and oak. Garage Doors 4 Less ensures that your wood garage doors are highly 
stable by reinforcing all sections with heavy duty metal struts. This extra strength and durability 
means your wood garage door will last for many years.

Besides many choices of wood and iron hardware, window inserts and custom design work allow 
you to select the wood garage door that will give your home or business the greatest curb appeal. 
Our experienced door engineers and designers can also custom build designs that will exceed your 
Why not contact us at GD4LESS? Let’s discuss how we can create your dream garage door.

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