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Common Garage Door Issues in Van Nuys

You arrive home after a long day at work, feeling tired and all you want to do is park your car, take a long, hot shower, and spend some time with the family. But your garage door has other plans for you. Surely you do not have the patience to deal with a malfunctioning garage door on your own, so soon enough you call a handyman to take care of the problem. However, most times, garage doors malfunctions are very easy to fix and should you give it a quick try – you can solve the problem in no time and save some money on the way.

Easy-to-Fix Common Garage Door Issues in Van Nuys

Living in California does not mean you will have special problems with your garage door in Van Nuys. Yes, it is possible that you will experience some common issues, but as we've mentioned, most of them can be easily fixed. Naturally, it is always best to consult with a licensed professional and have them take a look at the problem. Now, having said that let's review some of the most common malfunctions of residential garage doors.

Transmitters Malfunctions

In case you're trying to open your garage door with your remote, but nothing happens, the first thing you want to try is change the remote's batteries. It would be a shame to call for help only to realize the problem is as simple as changing the batteries, wouldn't it?
Another common problem homeowners have with transmitters occurs when their transmitter sends its signal on the same frequency as their neighbors' transmitter and you suddenly see your garage door opening, seemingly on its own. Living in a big neighborhood like Van Nuys means this problem is quite likely to happen. This is very easy to fix as well; all you have to do is change your transmitter's frequency – make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions, due to differences between models.

Photo Eyes

Since 1993, every garage door has a pair of photo eyes to make sure nothing is in the door's way while closing. Now, that can cause two simple problems:
The first – something is actually in the way of the door and that's why it won't close. Make sure you clear everything out of the photo eyes' line of sight. That includes dust or grit covering the eyes themselves.
Second – the eyes are not aligned – make sure to adjust the photo eyes so they can work properly.
Professional Garage Doors Providers
In any case if you do decide to call for a los angeles garage doors repair company, be sure to get the help of certified professionals – so you will get professional service and solution to your problem.

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