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Faux Wood vs. Wooden Garage Doors

Having a beautifully designed wooden garage door that can complement the entire look of your house, can definitely be a dream come true. The aesthetics of a wooden garage door will give your home a more elegant and clean look and at the same time let you enjoy a reliable garage door. However, they can be a little bit more expensive than a regular garage door and may require more maintenance along the years. That is why one of the solutions that are available for those who still wish to get that unique wooden aesthetics without actually having to pay for a wooden garage door, is to install a faux wood garage door at their house.

So, what are the differences between a wooden garage door and a faux wood garage door and which one is the best or your house’s needs? Let's find out together.

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Faux Wood Garage Door

Faux wood garage doors are not made of wood, but rather of polystyrene. They do however have a wood frame that gives them the appearance of a wooden garage door and there are many advantages to choosing faux wood as the material for your garage door.
Faux wood garage door is highly reliable and durable even as the years go by. Unlike wooden garage doors, faux wood is highly resistant to any damage that may appear after some time, such as moisture and cracks. It also requires low maintenance and it's easier to clean.
Perhaps the most important advantage of faux wood garage door is its price. Faux wood garage doors are more affordable, which leads many people to prefer them over a wooden door.

Wooden Garage Door

Even though there are many benefits to a faux wood garage door, it doesn’t mean you need to cross wooden garage doors off your list just yet. Aside from the beautiful aesthetics, a wooden garage door can also offer a homey feeling whenever inside the house or the garage and it can also be a great insulator. If you tend to spend hours in your garage, it can be the perfect solution to control any noise coming from the outside, and also to control heat and cold. You can also choose to have a custom garage door that will be made especially for your needs and style.
If you wish to receive more information about faux wood garage doors or wooden garage doors – call us today!

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