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Faux Wooden Garage Doors

Faux wood carriage house garage doors combine 
the beauty and texture of natural wood with the 
energy efficiency of an insulated steel door.                                                              

Why are Garage Doors Important?

Garage doors ensure keep you and your property safe from outside dangers including trespassers, thieves, and intruders. Faux wooden garage doors provide a highly visible barrier to criminals but at the same time are aesthetically pleasing to home owners and visitors.

Where to Shop for Garage Doors

Garage Doors 4 Less is a subsidiary of HLBS Inc. We offer our valued customers a one-stop shopping garage door destination. We have a wide range of substantial, well-constructed, decorative garage doors for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable, and efficient garage door installation and repair experts will keep your home or business safe and looking great. Our materials and installations are fully guaranteed. We offer service at any address in the state. In addition, our team will show you how to maintain your faux wooden garage door to get the most out of it. We provide annual servicing to any garage door—including all components and working parts. Our experienced technicians offer full installation of new faux wood garage doors as well as repair service to existing doors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why Choose Faux Wooden Garages Doors?

Admittedly, real wood garage doors have a natural beauty. However, real wood is heavy and costly to maintain. We offer both real wood and faux wood garage doors. Each has its advantages. Real wood can deteriorate over time. Faux wood on the other hand, requires little maintenance. Our faux wood garage doors are well constructed and reasonably priced. The faux wood claddings are made from a polymer material molded so the texture and wood grains look just like real wood. Moreover faux wood is lightweight and durable. Unlike real wood, faux wood garage doorsare pest and moisture resistant. They will not rot, split or crack. Faux wood can withstand high humidity and extreme temperature changes. Faux wood is also eco-friendly. It saves trees and reduces the need for door replacements. Faux wood garage doors are well insulated to help reduce energy consumption.
Our faux wood garage doors will keep your property safe from invasion and theft. Their rich wood-look appearance will add value and curb appeal to your residence or business. When you choose a faux wood garage door from Garage Doors 4 Less you are saving money and protecting the environment.

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