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Garage door maintenance tips for the summer

Basically, an average garage door of today can last for two decades; meanwhile, it is invariably necessary to perform regular maintenance. Performing regular maintenance will help to maintain its presumed lifespan and the overall reliability of the garage door.

During the summer, you can take advantage of these easy maintenance tips that would certainly keep your garage door in tip top shape throughout the seasons. More so, these maintenance tips are simple with just a little bit of knowledge regarding your garage door and equipment.

1. Scrutinize the Hardware

The first and easiest step that you can take on your summer garage door maintenance project is to inspect the hardware for any wear and tear that may have occurred over the year. This can be done by simply looking over all of the visible parts and noticing if any hinges look loose, if the track seems to be misaligned and if bolts are missing. Tighten all visible bolts and replace those that are missing. Ascertaining a good working condition for all hardware will make your garage door open and close smoothly and without interruption.

2. Lubricate Hardware

One of the easiest ways to keep your garage door running smoothly throughout the summer is to lubricate all of the hardware. Ensuring that hardware is lubricated will eliminate loud noises and screeches while opening and closing. Lubricate all hardware and parts of the door with a good lubricant other than grease.

3. Wash Your Garage Door

Keep the outlook of your garage neat by washing it during the warm summer months. Washing the door will remove dirt, grease and grime that may have accumulated over time. Water and a mild household detergent can be used to clean the surface of steel and aluminum doors with ease.

4. Apply New Paint

After washing your garage door, you may choose to enhance its look by applying a fresh coat of paint. Choose the same color paint that you already have or create a brand new look on the outside of your home by opting for a new and unique color that sets it apart from the rest.

5. Check Remote and Wall Switches

If you can operate the garage door without any problem using the wall switch but not with the car remote, you may need to change the battery in your remote control. Have a professional operator check your antenna if the remote control is still not working after you’ve changed the batteries.

If your doors operate with the remote but not with the wall switch, it may result due to an electrical malfunction in the switch. Call a qualified professional to check the electrical circuits in your wall switch.

6. Keep Your Sensors Aligned

If your garage door is not shutting completely, check the sensors and make sure they are aligned. Resetting your garage door settings may also solve this problem. Call a professional garage door repairer to fix all these issues.

7. Test Your Garage Door

It is imperative to test out the garage door often any time of the year. Open and close the door to guarantee that it is working properly, take of any strange noise and make sure everything about your garage door is intact.

Garage door repair Orange County provides a reliable check and maintenance services that gives you a rest of mind during summer. Let our experience and expertise give you a well-functioning garage door service this summer and all throughout the year.


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