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 open garage door manually

Here’s How You Can Open Your Garage Door Manually

If you have an electronic garage door, you’ll know that it’s designed to open automatically. However, all automatic doors come with a bypass system that lets you open it manually. The bypass is present to help you whenever there’s a power issue or another condition (for example, if you’ve lost your remote). If you cannot open the door automatically, you should be able to manually open the door.
If you’ve lost the remote, here’s how you can open the automatic garage door. You’ll need a ladder for this process.
1. Locate the chain that runs the garage door and place the ladder under it. Climb up the ladder and you’ll find a bracket present on the chain and there will be a red cord coming from it. Generally, these cords are of red color but if you find a single cord hanging from the bracket and it is not red, it might be the same cord we’re talking about. It will have a red plastic knob at the end. The cord is generally near the door.
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2. Hold the knob at the end of the cord and jerk it. The cord will be attached to a spring-loaded lever. You need to pull the cord so that the level becomes locked down. Get down the ladder.
3. Hold the door (you’ll need to use both hands for it). If the door is too tight and doesn’t move, you didn’t pull the cord in the right way. Pull the cord again until the level locks down. Garage doors are heavy and may or may not be easily lifted. If you think it’s heavier than what you can lift, get help – a heavy door can injure you.
4. Once you get the door off, it will become free and fall down if you let it go. When you move your car in or out, you’ll need to ask someone to hold the door for you else it will just fall off. You can also prop it up against something.
After you’ve found the remote (or when the power comes back)
5. Once you find the remote, you can pull down the cord to lock it again in its place. Pull the cord and check if the bracket has slipped back into its place in the chain bracket. This will lock the door in the carriage.
6. Now try the remote with the door. If the chain moves but the door doesn’t open, you need to pull the chain until the bracket gets locked properly. Pull the cord to help with the locking of the bracket.

Some tips

·         Make sure that the chain and the rollers on the garage door are well-lubricated. This makes their functioning smooth and quiet. This also increases their longevity which means fewer maintenance expenses. The less friction they encounter, the longer they will last.
·         Read the owner’s manual. Before you start working on the door, consult the manual to see if you’re doing things right.
·         If the door’s open and stuck in that position, don’t pull the bypass cord. If you pull the bypass cord with the door open, it will crash down with a lot of force and can damage property and injure anyone who comes in its way.

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