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How to program the Garage Door Opener in your car?

You have bought a new car and you want your garage door to be controlled from your car.
'It must be easy,' you tell yourself. After all, the owner's manual has all the instructions. So you grab the door opener remote control and start reading the instructions carefully.
You follow the instructions and then press the button. Nothing happens. Why doesn't the door open? Did you miss anything?
Yes, you missed an important step.
Owner instruction manuals sometimes leave out some steps involved in programming a car to the door opener.

Garage Door Opener

So how do I program the Garage Door Opener in my car?

Shown here is a logic board. It is easy to see the red / orange square shaped learn button. Press and release - that is what you should do. Don’t hold it down.

Where is the logic board?

Your garage door has a panel called the logic board on its back side. It is the brain of the door opener. Modern garage door openers are multi-code machines. That means every time you press a button on the remote, the opener uses several signals. This ensures security by preventing a code grabber from stealing your code.
Now let's see how the vehicle can be programmed to the door opener. First, follow the instructions on programming the car. Now you have to 'teach' the vehicle to communicate with the door opener.

You need someone to help you with this.

First, ask someone to press the button in the car. Tell them not to release it. They should keep it pressed down. Meanwhile, someone else should press the learn button on the back of the garage door opener installed on the ceiling. Most door openers have a square shaped learn button in red, yellow, purple, or orange color.
The learn button on the opener should be released as soon as it is pushed. Don't hold it down. If you keep it pressed down all the programming will be erased. You will then have to reprogram all the remotes you have. That isn't going to be a pleasant experience.
It takes only a second to program the car to the door opener. When the opener accepts the code, the bulb on it will flash for a second and you will hear a click.
As you can see, it is pretty easy. The problem is that this last step isn't included in most instruction manuals. Now that you have learned it, you can go ahead and program your door opener.

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