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Maintaining Garage Doors in San Fernando Valley

If you live in great San Fernando CA, you are probably pretty familiar with its hot and dry climate. In summer's hottest months, July and August, average temperatures reach up to 92.5 degrees, while the climate remains extremely dry. This is not an easy combination to handle, whether you are a human being or a garage door.
Since most garage doors are made of metal and wood, they are extremely susceptible to the effects of this hot and dry weather. This means that those who live in the San Fernando valley and have wood or metal garage doors in their home need to pay great attention to their proper maintenance.
Garage Doors in San Fernando Valley

Sensitivity to Heat

Modern garage door systems are based on electronic and mechanic parts which make them sensitive to high temperatures, just like those on San Fernando Valley's summers.
When electronic mechanisms are continually exposed to extreme heat, it of course affects their proper performance, as the wires can melt or suffer a rupture of some sort. The same goes for the motor or sensors of the garage door, as they can also get damaged due to high temperatures.
In addition to the extreme heat that affects the performance of the garage door, you would be best advised to prevent the garage door and its mechanism from lengthy direct exposure to the sun. That's right, when garage doors in San Fernando valley are constantly exposed to the characteristic sunlight of this area, this too can damage their sensors.

Heat and Dryness

A common phenomenon in areas of high temperatures and dry climate, just like San Fernando valley, is electric surges. When your garage door is exposed to these hot climate elements, the operational mechanism and systems are exposed to many electric surges, due to electric storms that are created in such weather. In these cases of damaged garage doors, you must replace your electric system to keep from hazardous situations involving damaged electric sensors. It is important to install a single plug protector to protect your garage door mechanism from being destroyed or damaged by electric surges. This way you can save a lot of money down the road.

So, in order to extend the life of a properly operating garage door in San Fernando valley, it is best to maintain it with the proper lubricants and heat protectors and to pay attention to the tips mentioned above.

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