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Malibu Weather That May Affect Your Garage Door

Like any external part of your house that is exposed to the outside, the garage door is also subject to damages caused by weather. Extreme weather conditions may cause damages to your garage door, and that is something to take under consideration when choosing the style and materials for yours, especially if you're in Malibu. Here's some information regarding the damages to garage doors that might occur due to weather conditions.

Malibu Garage Doors


Some problems arise due to extremely hot weather. First, if you have a wooden garage door, heat can cause it to swell and crack. If you have a metal door, the heat might cause it to be hot to touch, which is very inconvenient, especially if you have toddlers who might touch it while playing nearby.

Strong Winds

If you live in a place that has very strong winds or even windstorms, it may affect your garage door's insulation (as it may move from its place). Stronger winds which do not subside for longer periods of time can also cause a metal door to bend and a wooden door to crack or break.

Rains and Floods

Moisture and humidity are not good for almost any material. If you have a wooden garage door moisture can cause it to smell badly, and even decompose. When it comes to metal garage doors in Malibu, wetness can cause corrosion and rust.

Malibu Weather

If you live in Malibu you know that the weather is mostly stable around the year. It is not too cold and not too hot, but there are strong winds in that area you need to be aware of. After every windstorm or extreme weather, it is highly recommended to check your garage door for damages – if you notice something that can be repaired, you'll be able to take care of it before the next storm makes it worse or too bad to fix. Checking your garage door every now and then can save both trouble and money down the road.

Garage Doors in Malibu

Living in Malibu and in the market for a new garage door? Not sure what is the right choice for you? Before buying one, ask for professional advice regarding the style and material that fit the local climate. In order to get the best offer, price wise, it is recommended to compare between several offers.
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