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Replacing vs. Repairing My Garage Door Opener

The decision between repairing and replacing your garage door opener is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In most cases you’ll be looking for the less expensive option, but sometimes this isn’t necessarily the best long-term solution.

Here are some things to consider before you make your decision to repair or replace


Is your garage door opener faulty?

Before deciding whether to repair or replace, it’s first best to determine whether it’s your opener (fob) that’s faulty or your receiving equipment. From there you can make your decision easier. Faulty fobs often require nothing more than a new battery, an inexpensive alteration. Sometimes the infrared or electronic connection might be faulty, which is a little more expensive but can be fixed. Sometimes, unfortunately, door openers simply succumb to the ravages of time.

Is the receiving equipment faulty?

The receiving equipment, as well as the components of the actual garage door (tracks, chains, cables, etc.) are, generally speaking, more costly that the fob, but that doesn’t mean they’re beyond repair. Believe it or not, sometimes a new washer, some oil, and a replacement cable is enough to have your garage door working like new.
If you find a combination of faults, it may be cheaper to completely replace the whole system, particularly if you have an older model opener and the required parts are hard to come by. The cost of new garage door openers has dropped over the years, which means a new setup won’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg.

Was your garage door opener made before 1993?

Prior to 1993, there were no rules and regulations relating to the safety aspects of automated garage doors, in particularly emergency stop technology. Since 1993, it's been a legal requirement that all electronic garage doors and garage door openers must be created with sensing edges, infrared sensors, contact reverse technology, or other safety features that can detect if somebody has stepped beneath the closing door and automatically reverse the door.
If your garage door opener and operator were made before 1993, we at Garage Doors 4 Less highly recommend a complete replacement. If you own a commercial property, the law states that you must make the change, but even if it’s your own personal garage door, it’s best to make the change to prevent any potential accidents.
If you’d like to find out more or if you’d like to ask our advice regarding a repair or replacement, get in touch with Garage Doors 4 Less and we’ll be glad to help.

Replacing vs. Repairing My Garage Door Opener

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