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Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors
may seem sturdy and impervious to the effects of time and weather, but much like other parts of your house, they require ongoing maintenance. The basic logic underlying such maintenance is that the more you provide proper maintenance to your garage door, the better and longer it will provide the service you expect and need it to.
That's nice to know. The question is how to make it happen without regarding it as a burden? There are several ways to maintain your garage door easily and effortlessly, and Riverside Garage Door Repair is happy to shed some light over the matter.

We'll Keep it Simple if you Keep it Clean

One of the more obvious and effective maintenance means that will help your garage door live longer is keeping it clean. You should clean your garage door several times a year, depending on the climate conditions in the area. Salty air, hot air, and humidity are all elements that affect it and the materials it's made of.
If you own a steel or aluminum door, wash it with a wet cloth and a designated cleaning material. Carefully read the instructions specified on the cleaning material, as each one has different instructions. After washing it, dry it. If you own a wooden door, clean it with a dry cloth, as humidity causes wood to change form. Be sure to also repaint your garage door as needed to get rid of stains, potential mold, and accumulated corrosion.

Don`t forget to also clean the inside of the garage door from cobwebs and other forms of dirt, grit, or dust. In addition, it is highly recommended to polish the outside of the garage door every now and then, as polishing materials serve a protective coat which seals the paint and prevents early decay.

Greasing the Wheels

Any apparatus that's supposed to move and has tracks or hinges requires lubrication or greasing from time to time. This helps the different parts slide easily and makes the movement smooth and fluent. It’s important to note that silicone materials should not be used on metal as they can damage it. In such cases motor oil is much more preferable.
It is also important not to pour lubricant directly on the tracks, as it can cause the door to get out of balance and out of its tracks.
Sometimes you have to provide your garage door with professional care as you don`t always know how to tend to a mechanical or electric problem on your own. Riverside Garage Door Repair is happy to assist you with any kind of professional garage door treatment.

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