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Unique garage door design in Los Angeles

As one of the premier and most unique designer of custom garage doors in Los Angeles, we have been opportune to be a proud builder of some of the most stunning door designs found in markets today.  We will be showcasing a few of our unique, custom garage door design in Los Angeles. While we also ship our garage doors for Los Angeles residence, we also extend our service reach to outside of the state.

The collection of Los Angeles dreams custom garage is a compilation of different custom garage door design showcasing a direct architectural inspiration.  All custom wood garage doors in this collection are primarily designed to suit the design style presented by an individual it was crafted for.
The careful selection of quality solid wood, stains as well as a garage door dummy iron hardware all plays an important role in ensuring a graceful flow of these custom wood garage doors.

The following few custom garage doors in Los Angeles will inspire you to improve the curb appeal of your home with a stunning custom design.

Custom Wood Garage Doors in a Tuscan style Design

The Custom Western Red Cedar Garage Doors come in a very simple, minimalistic design with amazing and decorative dummy iron garage door handles. The presence of the wire brush stress and rich stain makes this garage door looks rustic with the ability to age beautifully over time. The truth is Simple designs improve the greatest curb appeal, adding great beauty and value to your home.

Spanish Mediterranean Custom Wood Garage Door

This custom wood garage door in Los Angeles was designed to stand alone without the help of dummy iron decorations because the designs on the woods are just stunning! Using these naturally beautiful wood grain and rich stain color of the custom garage door will help your home improve its curb appeal.
Ranging from the horizontal select tongue to the overlay groove cedar plank and solid wood trim, this garage door is blessed with a unique design character which distinct it from other types. This custom garage door in Los Angeles is well designed that every of the section cuts cannot be detected except when the garage door is being operated. These types of custom garage doors are well fitted with Mediterranean architectural styles, Spanish Architecture, and some Eclectic home designs.

Spanish Garage Door Design

A unique custom garage door designs are built to look like the old world door style as well as being functional and showcase modern forms of designs. In-between the horizontal trim rails of this type of custom garage door in Los Angeles are the sectional break doors that can only be seen only when operated. When the Spanish garage door is closed, it looks more like the swinging carriage-style doors. The presence of the decorative dummy iron handles improves an outstanding element giving this garage door an authentic look! The combination of all these amazing features makes a custom garage doors in Los Angeles the best choice of garage door design.

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