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What is the Most Recommended Season to Replace Your Garage Door?

If you are a homeowner, you know that every few years you're required to change and replace your garage door with a new one. But most people are not sure when is the best time to do so, in regards to the different seasons of the year.
In this article we will try to help you determine what the most recommended season to replace your garage door is, as this decision depends not only on weather conditions, but also on the material your garage door is made of, whether we're talking about custom steel garage doors or custom wood garage doors.
There are two main questions we have to start with: what material your garage door is made of, and what material you're planning to choose this time for your garage door?

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About Weather and Wood

If you have a wooden garage door at the moment, and you plan on buying a new custom wood garage door again, the best time to replace it will be right after winter – mostly, wooden doors will sustain the most damage during the wet season. Now, it is also important to take your geographic location into consideration, and if you live in a rainy place, be sure to wait till the rainy season is over, to ensure longer life to your new door.
If you choose a metal or glass door – it is less vulnerable to winter damage. On the other hand, metal do tend to overheat in summer, so it might be best to wait for fall, which will also be considerate towards the door installers.

And If I Currently Have a Metal Garage Door?

Truth to be told, if you have a metal garage door you probably already know that this type is much less vulnerable to weather damages. That means that the question regarding the best time to change it is up to the new door, yet again. If you choose a wooden door, the same goes here – the best time to change it will be after winter. But, if you choose a metal garage door, such as a custom steel garage door, it is all about your convenience.
Another thing to think about when changing to a wood garage door, is that if you live at a very hot place, it may also cause some damage to the door, and so it is also recommended to avoid replacing it during the hot season and to ask for custom protection measures to lengthen the life of your new door. 

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