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Planning to Replace your Garage Door? Find out Exactly WHEN to Replace It

There is a noticeable change in the temperature. The air is still slightly cold but we know that summer is around the corner. Yes, it’s spring. Spring is the season of flowers, greenery, and joy. It’s also the season for garage door replacement. If you’ve been planning to replace that old garage door, this is the best time for it. Here’s why.

replace your garage door

It’s the cleaning season

Many homeowners clean out their living spaces in spring. This includes the garage as well. And while it’s a difficult chore, it does give you an idea of what needs to be repaired or replaced.
When you clean out your garage, make sure that the doors open and close easily. If you think something is off the place or worn out, you might need to fix it. Or if there is a major fault, you might have to replace the garage door. If you have hired a home remodeler, talk to them and discuss if the garage door needs replacement.
If you do need to replace the garage door, look for the right features in the new door.

Keep it secure

The first thing you should look for in a garage door is security. Most of the steel garage doors available in three grades of security: one layer, two layers and three layers steel. 3 layers steel will give you the best security and insulation.
A damaged door can make the entire garage vulnerable to robbers and burglars. With just a bit of elbow grease, they can enter your garage with ease. In fact, a skilled criminal can break into your garage in just 6 seconds (yikes!)
Thieves and other criminals know that while people take care of their home security, they get a bit careless when it comes to garage doors. And this is why they make garage doors their target.
Criminals are equipped with modern devices such as code-grabbers that catch the signals and memorize the door-opening code. Emergency systems are vulnerable and thieves know that families make vacation plans in mild seasons and stay home in the cold months.
And then there are some other common mistakes like leaving the garage opener in the car. Keep all these security points in mind when replacing a garage door.

Consider the wear and tear

When you open or close a garage door, there are many parts that go into that motion. And with regular opening and closing, there is a lot of wear and tear. The most common problem that most clients face is the wear and tear on garage springs.
As the door spring starts to fail, the garage door will become heavier. While you might not think it’s a big deal at first, ignoring it will lead to failure of the lift system as the tension will build upon the door.
If you notice that the door has become heavier, replace the springs. Spring replacement will be much cheaper now than spending a lot on fixing the entire thing later.
If you fail to replace the springs on time, the garage will show signs of wear and tear with springs going out of balance due to friction.

Wait for winter to be over

Winter is the wrong season to work on your garage door. Now that the sun is out and the snow is melting, you can call the repair specialists for the repairs. Get the springs repaired if required. Winter isn’t the right weather for garage repair and there are other challenges during summer.
The mild season of spring is when you can get things done. When the temperatures are imbalanced and the weather isn’t very helpful, it’s best to stay away from big projects. Spring is the one season that lets you undertake such repairs and fixes.
If you want to get some repairs done on your garage doors, make sure you do them now because this is the right season.

Major safety hazard

If the garage door fails, it can be a major risk, not just to your property but also to your health. A crashing door is very heavy and can be life-threatening to humans and pets. Each year, there are serious injuries that result from malfunctioning garage doors – just because they weren’t repaired on time.
Garage door injuries are no laughing matter. If you feel that the door needs replacement, make sure you do it right now when the weather is perfect.
For the best interest of your family and loved ones, make sure you get professionals to inspect the garage door ones a year. Also, go through the user’s manual so you can be informed about the signs to watch out for.
Keep the garage opener out of the car and away from kids – it can help criminals take control of the garage.
Make sure you maintain the garage door so that there are minimum expenses for repairs and replacements. With the right care, your garage door can last for years. Since a malfunctioning door can lead to a major risk for the entire family, pay attention to the warning signs.
And if anything needs replacement, keep in mind that spring is the right time for it.
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