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Santa Monica Garage Door Repair Service

Efficient, reliable, and affordable

Santa Monica is a perfect beach city. Some people believe that it has a better beach vibe than Malibu. Santa Monica has the right balance of sophistication and seaside attraction. With just 8.4 square miles, it’s very walkable and has a laid back warmth. The city offers a lot to do. Whether you want to go crazy shopping or museum hopping, there is plenty to do here. When it comes to a relaxing day, most people drive out their cars from their garages and go directly to the beach. And they don’t even have to get down their cars to open the garage doors – thanks to our automatic Santa Monica garage doors, the door opens itself for you.

Your #1 Garage door service providor in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is the city of clean sand and beautiful palms. People love living in big houses with garages. And most of the residents are technology savvy who want the latest gadgets. For those who like a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, we bring to you an unbeatable garage experience. Fully automated and secure, our garage doors will keep your vehicles safe and offer you complete convenience. Drive to the garage and the door will recognize your car and open automatically. That’s the kind of convenience and technique we offer at Garage Doors and Gates 4 Less. We provide all kinds of Santa Monica garage doors. We also offer alarm systems for enhanced security.

We don’t just install doors, but also perform Santa Monica garage door repair. Is your current garage door broken? Or is the automated process faulty? No matter what the problem is, our engineers will fix it. We are trusted by our clients for a reason – we provide the best service at affordable prices. Want a wooden appearance for your garage door? Need a frosted glass look? Heart set on a contemporary design? We can provide it all. Just go through our catalog and select the style you want.

Need a quote for your Santa Monica garage door issue?

Get a quote for free – just call us and tell us what you want – new door installation or Santa Monica garage door repair, and we’ll visit your location. Our engineers will take the measurements and your design preferences and give a precise quotation. Whatever style or repair you’re looking for, we’re the guys for you. We have an experience of several years and have served hundreds of families across Los Angeles County. Give us a chance to serve you and we’ll become your favorite provider in no time. 

Wondering how much it will cost? Call us for a free consultation. Our experts will visit your property and prepare an estimate
for you - 
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