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5 Materials to Consider for Your New Garage Door

Garage doors are mostly durable and usually last for at least a couple of years, however, there comes a time when you will have to change your garage door, due to functionally issues or due to the desire to redecorate your home. Either way, before buying your new garage door, you will have to choose the material from which it will be made – here's a quick review of the 5 most popular materials for garage doors.

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One of the most preferred materials, as wood looks natural and rustic and a lot of people want that exact façade. The downside of using wood is that a wood garage door is not cheap and it also requires constant maintenance.


Aluminum's most important advantage is that it is very light. Meaning, it fits the most for those double-door garages. It is cheaper than wood, although there are some types of improved aluminum garage doors which can cost pretty much the same as wood.


It's heavy, which also means it is very strong. Homeowners choose steel garage doors because they require very low maintenance and they will last for many years to come.  It is the best solution for double layer garage doors, and the cost is affordable.


More and more homeowners choose vinyl as the material their garage door will be made of. It is durable, flexible enough to absorb hits and not break or bend, and the best thing about it – it requires almost no maintenance on your part – all you have to do is spray it with water every once in a while and you're set with a clean garage door.


Fiberglass garage doors are also a popular choice, but their greatest advantage is their ability to look like the other materials. Meaning you can enjoy any appearance you wanted for your new garage door, for affordable prices and by using a material that doesn’t require any special maintenance other than washing it with water from time to time.

Above all that, you can choose to mix between different materials and even combine glass in the design of your new modern garage door. The possibilities are countless – enjoy the process!

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